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In-A-Box Curriculum Available for Fall Classes FREE

September 3, 2015

The In-A-Box series was ordered from Eastern Oregon University in December and arrived in February. In A Box is a “traveling resource” designed to enhance science & health curriculum. It’s all inclusive lesson plans & activities around specific themes give teachers, presenters, group leaders, and others working with children in grades K-8 in Eastern Montana the opportunity to use the curriculum absolutely free for three weeks! Boxes will be reserved and shipped as available.

Use these self-contained “Exploration in Science & Health” kits to discover aspects of scientific careers, the body, and the environment. Boxes include:
• Bones & Muscle
• Brain
• Ear
• Eye
• Guts
• Mouth
• Heart

Contact Beth Brunk at (406) 234-1424 to arrange reservations.

Miles City REACH Camp 10/23/15 at Holy Rosary Healthcare

September 3, 2015

Area high school students are invited to apply to attend the one-day, FREE Research and Explore Awesome Careers in Healthcare Camp (REACH) at Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City. Students will participate in different stations at the hospital that will feature hands-on activities and learning experiences.

Students start at 8:00 am on October 23 and will wrap up at 2:30 pm. For more information or an application, please call Beth Brunk at (406) 234-1424 or email at bbrunk@montanahealthnetwork.com.

HealthCARE Montana updates

September 3, 2015

Please copy and paste the following link in your browser to access the HealthCARE Diversity minutes 8/13/15: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/6ffc208a-4599-413e-b1e6-e8ebd400222a

Please copy and paste the following link in your browser to access the HealthCARE Diversity minutes 8/27/15: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/ad902d3b-05be-4102-9115-3fbc08610427

HealthCARE Montana Latest News and Updates

August 24, 2015

Please copy and paste the following link to access the Rapid Response Summary: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/dae437d9-1d8a-4b2c-bd11-a801387a1cfd

Please copy and paste the following link to access the Nursing Curriculum Meeting Minutes: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/13504bdb-46e9-411f-aed4-616c51c283d6

Please copy and paste the following link to access the Employer Assessment Survey: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/4b436346-967a-46df-9898-28bc4fb83cff

July 15, 2015 Montana HealthCARE Nursing Program Admission Committee Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2015

Please copy and paste the following link to access the latest Nursing Program Admission Committee Meeting Minutes. https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/2e009a3c-6b2c-4bfd-9c03-949f7bb320e8

KSVI Interview for HealthCARE Montana Grant Information

August 4, 2015

Please copy and paste the following link to access this interview: http://www.yourbigsky.com/hello-montana/montana-healthcare-grant

HealthCARE Montana Steering Committee Meeting

August 3, 2015

HealthCARE Montana Steering Committee meets via GoToMeeting every other month on the first Tuesday. The next GTM is on September 1. On the off months, staff provides a written report. Face-to-face meeting will be yearly, but will also be provided via Go To Meeting. The role of the Steering Committee is to guide the project as a whole.
• Make sure there is communication between sub-committees
• Ensure delivery of the project outcome of revising nursing education to meet the changing Montana healthcare needs.

If interested in participating please contact Trudy Winslow at twinslow@montanahealthnetwork.com.

HealthCARE Montana Grant - Press Release

August 3, 2015


Contact: Carol Bischoff
HealthCARE Montana Statewide Workforce Coordinator

HealthCARE Montana – Creating Access to Rural Education
Training the Workforce of Tomorrow

Montana’s population is aging and leaving the workforce, resulting in new demands on Montana’s healthcare industry. In September 2014, Montana received a $15 million grant award through the US Department of Labor to expand opportunities for Montanans to train in healthcare careers. 15 Montana two-year colleges, community colleges and tribal colleges are working together to improve healthcare training opportunities in the state, with over 39 healthcare facilities agreeing to participate in the project. Before its expiration in 2017, the HealthCARE Montana grant will result in the completion of nearly 2,500 new one-year certificates and two-year degrees in healthcare careers.

45 of Montana’s 56 counties are classified as “frontier” so colleges are tasked with creating more on-line and distance training programs allowing rural Montanans the opportunity to earn a one-year certificate or two-year degree without leaving their community. The grant is also instrumental in creating the first formal healthcare apprenticeship training program in Montana.
The grant targets adults including veterans, displaced workers, the unemployed, and the underemployed to fill the approximately 1300 healthcare positions available each year. “A strong economy requires a talented and trained workforce with the skills to fill the jobs that are most in demand, and this is especially true in Montana’s growing health care industry,” Governor Steve Bullock said of the grant.

Currently, Montana two-year colleges offer at least 31 two-year degrees and 20 one-year certificates in both clinical and allied health occupations. Most healthcare careers pay a higher wage than other occupations that require an equal length of training. According to The Montana Department of Labor & Industry 2024 Employment Projections, with a two-year associate’s degree the average annual wage for a Registered Nurse is $61,814; Dental Hygienist is $68,591; and Radiology Technician is $53,377. The average annual wage for a Medical Assistant is $31,263; Pharmacy Technician is $33,408; and Dental Assistant is $33,202 which are one-year certificate programs.

The HealthCARE Montana project is housed within the University of Montana and works in partnership with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry and the Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) located in 5 regions throughout Montana. Staff working on the grant include Health Care Transformation Specialists who serve as liaisons between the grant and their college; Workforce Coordinators who serve as liaisons between the grant and healthcare employers, and Health Professions Career Coaches who work directly with students to identify careers that fit the interest and lifestyle of the student, assist students to prepare for and/or enroll in the program of their choice, and help to seek out available financial aid and funding for the student.

Anyone interested in more information on a training or apprenticeship program in a healthcare field can find a Career Coach in their region by visiting: healthcaremontana.org, or calling: Dorie at (406) 234-1400.

Billings MedStart Camp 2015

July 28, 2015

The Billings MedStart Camp ran from July 12th – 16th. There were 21 students registered with two being a no-show, but the 19 remaining students had a fabulous week.
Sunday was dedicated to checking into the dorms at MSU-Billings and getting acquainted and settling in. The RA’s planned several fun ice breakers to get the students warmed up to each other.

Monday, the students attended a morning session with four different rotations at St. Vincent Healthcare followed by a tour of City College and an introduction to the many different healthcare career opportunities offered there. Later in the afternoon, the students visited with residents at St. John’s Lutheran Home and participated in a scavenger hunt and dinner. This was a favorite stop of the week and the residents loved the students.

Tuesday, RiverStone Health, a community healthcare facility hosted the students all day as they participated in four different rotations; Population Health, Dental, Community Health and Environmental Health. They ended the day with a visit to Rocky Mountain College and a presentation and meet and greet with the Physician’s Assistant Students followed by a picnic at Veteran’s Park.

Wednesday was job shadow day at St. Vincent Healthcare. The students were fortunate to get placed in areas of interest for some valuable one on one shadowing with healthcare professionals. The afternoon session consisted of CPR training and certification and the day wrapped up with a Mustangs Baseball game.

Thursday, the students toured MSU-Billings, cleaned their rooms, received certificates of completion and headed home. It was a jam-packed week but a very valuable lifelong experience for these students.

HealthCARE Montana Nursing PN and ASN Combined Curriculum Meeting Minutes

July 23, 2015

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to access the latest meeting minutes. https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/c93b7225-2780-4f4c-8bd8-4a13607c29fd