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CALS (Comprehensive Advanced Life Support)

Four Elements of Success

The CALS Program (1) teaches a system of care using CALS Universal Approach to handle undifferentiated emergencies, (2) emphasizes the importance of all members of the team and teaching of teamwork for rural teams, (3) helps to standardize rural emergency care, (4) teaches the skills and knowledge needed for stabilization of critically ill/injured patients as well as proper use of equipment available in rural areas, and (5) uses a system of care that emphasizes the needs of the patient.

The CALS curriculum is based on the four key elements that drive success when treating patients in an emergent setting:
Emergency Skills and Knowledge: Without proficiency in the basic skills and procedures, no emergency team can provide adequate care.
Effective Provider Teams: Well-functioning teams are critical to the delivery of appropriate, timely and effective medical care.
Patient-Focused Care and Systems: Hospital systems such as record keeping, triage and evaluation must focus on the needs of the patient and be provided in a timely and professional manner.
Appropriate Equipment: Hospital emergency departments must have a basic set of drugs, equipment and supplies to provide adequate care.

Together, all four of these elements, working in unison, drive excellence in patient care in the emergent setting. This is the foundation of the CALS approach.

Please register by June 1, 2019 to:
CALS Program
717 Delaware Street SE Suite 508
Minneapolis, MN 55414
OR Fax completed registration forms to: (612) 626-2352
Additional information available
For more information contact AnnGihl at (612) 624-5901.  Registrationfees include a student manual, study guide, pre-test and lunch for all coursedays  CME will be provided

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