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IV Therapy Course

IV Therapy Course Description

This course will enable the student to perform safely and competently the intravenous fluid therapy activities as defined in the Montana Nurse Practice Act. The course is based on the nursing process and current intravenous nursing standards of practice. Basic Guidelines include: legal aspects of IV system, fluid & electrolyte balance, procedure for venipuncture, prevention & assessment of complications, principles of pharmacology as related to IV therapy, and demonstration & practice of required skills.

IV Therapy Course Details

      Safely performs procedures relating to intravenous therapy.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Comprehend the policies, procedures, rules and regulations that govern the LPN in Montana when administering and managing IV therapy;
  2. Apply legal implications when administering and managing IV therapy;
  3. Express verbally and/or in writing a basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the adult circulatory system;
  4. Understand the role of fluid and electrolytes in maintenance of homeostasis;
  5. Understand the principles of pharmacology as they relate to IV therapy;
  6. Demonstrate a knowledge of the drugs and solutions commonly used in IV therapy an discuss their action, correct dosage, and adverse effects;
  7. Model safe use of selected IV equipment;
  8. Calculate flow rate correctly and regulate selected infusions;
  9. Demonstrate the ability to safely perform venipunctures with selected equipment;
  10. Employ safe, effective care of patients receiving IV therapy and discuss the signs and symptoms;
  11. Understand the complications that may occur from IV therapy and discuss the signs and symptoms; and
  12. Outline the nursing action to be taken if complications occur
Course details:
  • Didactic course-16 hours in length (two eight hour days) 
  • Institutional follow up-supervision of IV initiation consistent with orientation and continuing education policies and protocols of each individual institution.
  • Course cost-$275/per student