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Montana Health Network Updates

Job Openings

July 18, 2017
Montana Health Network has two job openings for RN's. We are looking for a Care Coordinator to meet the needs of a grant related to case management of chronic illnesses and we are looking for a scheduler who primarily works in the Miles City office but will travel approximately 4 days per month to evaluate locations and staff performance. If you have interest, please contact Janet Bastian at 406-234-1420 or

Chronic Illness Management Grant Received

July 6, 2017
Montana Health Network and regional facilities in Carter, Fallon, McCone, Phillips, and Roosevelt counties received a 3 year $900,000 grant from HRSA to support the management of chronic diseases. Their plan is to share a care coordinator to better manage the health needs of local diabetics and other patient populations with chronic conditions. The care coordinator will work with patients to remove barriers, improve compliance, determine the status of other health concerns, and provide access to education and other interventions. Education will be made available either in person or through the Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network. A Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring model will be adapted and made available for eligible patients. Applications for the Care Coordinator position may be made through the MHN website.