Medical Providers

Many of Montana’s small towns are underserved and understaffed. We can to help. 

Montana’s citizens need help they can reach easily. So, providing resources for Montana’s caregivers is a core part of the Montana Health Network’s (MHN) mission.

Improving the work-life balance in rural practices is key to long-term careers. So, we’re dedicated to helping rural providers provide access to certifications, steady work, and resources more readily available. The more long-term providers we have to serve our communities, the better.
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Healthcare Provider Business Services

The partnership process with the Montana Health Network team begins when you fill out an MHN provider application. Once we review your application and accept it, you can build out your user profile. 

Once your profile is accepted, you can peruse our courses, resources, and staffing network. 

Finding Employment as an Individual Provider

Montana Health Network (MHN) offers stability to locum workers and individual providers. Specifically, MHN offers:
  • The ability to set your own schedule
  • W2 employment
  • 401K retirement funding
  • Health insurance
  • Recruiting services for permanent placement, locum assignments, and rural education

Get In Touch With Us

Talk with us about how we can help your organization offer employee benefits, get insurance coverage, provide ongoing education, or temporary staffing.
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