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Nurse Preceptor Modules

Five Modules (17.5 free contact hours possible)

Preceptor Learning Circles (Modules)
What is a Learning Circle? A learning circle is a method of organizing material to encourage inquiry, creativity, and both independent and group approaches to learning. The method incorporates Mezirow’s adult learning theory of transformative learning.
Components of the Learning Circle Format (also known as a Module): A learning circle consists of eight components: Introduction, Primary Objective, Preceptor/Nurse Inquiry, Pre Class Preparation, In Class Activity, Post Class Activity, Learning Links, To Learn More, and Learning Assessment
Introduction: Preview the circle. This section presents an overview of the topic to be covered. The preceptor/nurse is given a preview of the importance of precepting the next generation of nurses and potential future employees.
Primary Objective: Highlights the primary purpose of the module. Describes what the participant will learn.
Preceptor/Nurse Inquiry: Questions or statements that establish curiosity about the topic.
1. Pique interest in the topic.
2. Stimulate critical thinking.
3. Relate to the content outline.
4. Relate to previous knowledge (other learning circles).
5. Guide the pursuit of knowledge.
Pre-Module Preparation: Prepare the circle. Nurses work best when they have the opportunity to prepare for a learning opportunity. Activities are designed to help the preceptor apply the concepts and theory to the precepting experience. All assignments (reading, exploration of pertinent Internet sites) are outlined in this section.
Contact hours are awarded based on the average time it takes to complete the reading related to the module.
Module Webinar Activity: Expand the circle. A variety of methods are used to help nurses clarify information and explore concepts. The goal is to bring nurses into active involvement with the module content. Some material is best covered in the powerpoint but stories, activities, examples, and visualization exercises make main points interactive and will support learning. Contact hours awarded.
Post Class Activity: Close the circle. What have you learned? Can you answer the Preceptor Inquiry questions? “All pre-learned insights and discoveries require application to complete the cycle.” (Boyatzis et al.,1995, p. 239). A passcode protected blog will be established to engage in conversation with faculty and other preceptors to apply the module content and discuss the challenges and rewards of precepting students. Additional contact hours will be awarded for blog interaction.
Learning Links: Connect the circle. Encourages the preceptor to link the circle with past or future experience and knowledge. This activity helps nurses connect ideas, events, and experiences.
To Learn More: Support the circle. List all additional reading, articles, videos, Internet sites that will enhance and further expand the preceptor’s insight into the module topic.
Learning Assessment: Evaluate the circle. How did this learning circle help you learn the material? How can you imagine applying the knowledge you have gained?