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Fundamentals of Behavioral Health


Module Entry Requirements
Must be working in a healthcare facility

Knowledge and Skills Developed:
• Knowledge of behavioral health problems and mental health disorders
• Legal requirements, ethical responsibilities, reporting and documentation
• Communication, compassion and teamwork
• Resiliency, personal empowerment and selfcare
• Therapeutic settings, treatment modalities and resources


Unit 1: Mental and Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health Problems, and Mental
                  Health Disorders
Unit 2:  Legal Requirements, Ethical Responsibilities, Reporting, and Documentation
Unit 3:  Communication, Compassion, and Teamwork 
Unit 4: Resiliency, Personal Empowerment, and Self Care
Unit 5:  Therapeutic Settings, Treatment Modalities, and Resources 
Unit 6:  Recognizing and Responding to Aggressive Behavior

Units 1-5 is 10 Hours and Unit 6 is 5 Hours

Unit Contents
  • Important and Relevant Narrative Information
  • Videos
  • Application Activities
  • Critical Thinking Mini-Case Study
  • Behavioral Health Reflective Learning Journal
  • 5 Question Self-Graded Knowledge Check 

Module Completion Requirements
  • Read Unit narrative information, view videos, and respond to the application activities.
  • PASS the Unit Critical Thinking Mini-Case Study. May attempt three times. 
  • PASS the Unit Behavioral Health Reflective Learning Journal. May attempt three times.
  • Answer the Unit’s Knowledge Check questions.
  • PASS each of the 2 multiple choice Knowledge Assessments (Exam) with a 74% or higher taken at the end of Units 2 and 5. May attempt three times.  
  • Complete and submit the Module Evaluation

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