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Employment Benefits

401(k) Retirement, Health Insurance, Pre-Paid Legal, Identity Theft protection and more.

We act as a bridge between employees and employee benefits, offering cost-effective solutions and education that will lead you to the right choice for your business.

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Employee Loyalty

83% of employees
say health insurance is very or extremely important in deciding whether to stay in or change jobs

401(k) Retirement

Montana Health Network provides a Multiple Employer Plan through Transamerica Retirement Solutions. This model makes the 401k plan very affordable for facilities and employees and it combines the assets of all participants when negotiating fees. In addition, it moves most of the maintenance and the associated fiduciary responsibility away from the local Human Resource departments.

Health Insurance/Flex Benefits

Since 1990, Montana Health Network has been offering a self-insured Workers’ Compensation Trust. It is the largest self-insured in the State of Montana with a proven track record for controlling costs and returning employees to work. In-house Risk Managers, Case Managers and Occupational Therapists focus on successful outcomes. The process is proactive starting from job analysis, employee education, through claims analysis and return to work support. Policies, procedures, forms, and on-site support are provided.

Life Insurance / Short Term Disability

Montana Health Network is able to provide life insurance and short term disability guaranteed for 5 years through the relationship of Fringe Benefit Resources and Insurance Point. In addition, they offer higher coverage guarantees due to the volume of all members combined. Insurance Point not only offers very attractive group rates but offers voluntary life insurance which will match or improve your rates and will match your current design if that is what you choose. They also guaranteed 10% savings on group disability insurance premium with an average of 20% savings; some groups have seen savings up to 64%!

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