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"The Montana Health Network (MHN) Frontier Healthcare Conference was born from the idea that small healthcare organizations in frontier sized communities experience different situations and struggles than small healthcare organizations in rural defined communities.  Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) are vastly different throughout the nation, and frontier communities' experiences differ from even their rural neighbors.

The conference is intended to provide valuable information, education, and networking opportunities to leaders from CAHs in frontier communities.  Networking may also include conversations with representatives from respective Congressional Delegations.  Participation is encouraged for CEOs/Administrators, Board Members, and Staff Leaders from these types of facilities.

The conference was based of input from the MHN Frontier Facilities group formed informally as a result of specific needs of the smallest of MHN member facilities.  The goals of this group are based on the mindset that each community didn't have their own economy of scale to address clinical and operational initiatives. If these facilities join together, they can achieve those economies of scale.  They explore opportunities such as group purchasing arrangements and shared staffing in situations that seem appropriate for a regional approach.  The MHN Frontier Facilities Vision is: 'Creating Integrated Partnerships to Resolve Common Challenges through Innovative Solutions.'"

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