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MHN Partners with Carlson, Gould and Associates for Governance Education

Board education and development is perhaps one of the most important steps a CEO can take to enhance leadership decision-making.  Montana healthcare facilities have the option to utilize on-line training through the Best on Board training modules The Essentials of Healthcare Governance and its advance course, The Quality Imperative. 

In an effort to enhance these instructional programs, MHN has now partnered with Carlson, Gould and Associates(CGA) to offer supplemental, on-site facilitated educational sessions.  These tailor-made sessions build on the “Best on Board” modules and allow for robust discussion and analysis among the institution’s board and CEO. The facilitation will help your organization define how best to implement the principals taught in the Best on Board Series.

Special Offer
As part of an introductory offer, MHN and CGA are offering a 20% discount for any on-site, educational sessions scheduled during the months of June or July.  To learn more about this offering, please call Chris Hopkins with MHN at 406-234-1420 or for information about Carlson, Gould and Associates, go to Additional information about Best on Board is also available at

Community Health Worker (CHW)Course

This course provides the knowledge, understanding and skills to become a Community Health Worker (CHW).  A CHW is a front line public health worker who can serve as a link between health and social services and the community as well as supports access to those services.  CHWs can be engaged in various activities including outreach, community education, informal counseling, social support and advocacy.  This standardized curriculum is guided by an instructor and requires 85 hours of work.  The program consists of four 15 hours on-line Learning Modules followed by 25 hours of a CHW Agency/Facility Supervised Experience in a health care setting (such as a clinic, hospital, residential or independent living facility).  Individuals who complete the 85 hours training and Supervised Experience receive a certificate.  The first course will be available on-line on June 3, 2018.  For any questions or concerns, please call Christine Williams or Beth Brunk at 406-234-1424.  If you are interested in registering, please email