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Basic ECG Rhythm Interpretation
the use of ECG monitoring is a collaborative effort. This course teaches electrocardiography, which includes understanding cardiac anatomy and physiology, the components of the cardiac cycle, and basic heart rhythms.
IV Therapy Course
Successful completion of this course increases the licensed practical nurse’s scope of practice to include intravenous fluid therapy under the supervision of a registered professional nurse. This class provides the didactic information and skill practice needed for LPNs who did not have IV therapy as part of their basic college curriculum. The class also provides an opportunity for all nurses to review the basics of IV therapy.
Rural Nurse Residency
The role of the rural nurse is complex; caring for patients across the age continuum with varying health conditions and often fulfilling the role of multiple healthcare professionals all while making split second decisions. The majority of academic preparation for nurses takes place in an urban setting. The new graduate does not get a glimmer of practice in a rural setting. With the literature demonstrating nurse graduates are not fully prepared for the role of a professional nurse, how can we expect new graduates to take on the challenge of a rural setting? The Rural Nurse Residency Program utilizes the strength of a network of Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) to supply the human resources for the program. Having a cohort through the Rural Nurse Residency Program, gives the nurse graduate a decreased sense of isolation. Rural facility recruitment may not require the hiring of a nurse graduate yearly, through participation in a Rural Nurse Residency, a cohort of nurse graduates have the benefit of participating in a larger group while being the only nurse graduate hired by their facility.

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